2019 Westbury Arts Camp- Week 2

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Week 2

Hello Families!

We had a super busy week.  In our playwriting circle, we wrote short plays about things we love and don’t love so much with Ms. Divinia.  They will be performing their plays for the campers. Ms. Erin introduced us to nature print paper and we made sun prints using found objects in nature from the play space around the rec center. We also started making our shadow puppets and painted our clay figures with Ms. Erin in sculpture class. 

Everyone was super excited about recording the songs they wrote with Ms. Briana. We turned the rec center office into a recording studio and the campers learned how recording engineers put together tracks for music recording. It was amazing seeing them choose how to interpret the music and what embellishments they chose to add to their solos. Ms. Briana uses the free sound app called Audacity. The campers may be interested in trying it out at home too.

Visual arts with Ms. Marie continued with watercolor paintings of animals, where we learned how to draw animals like elephants and giraffes by breaking them down into shapes. This was a basic introduction to anatomy and a way to see the connection between math and art. The mural wall and Plasticine clay were among some of the favorite activities this week. 

In addition to the Long Island Children’s Museum, we also had a visit from Ian Tousius, a comic book artist and senior teaching artist/programmer at The Children’s Art Museum of Manhattan. Ian did a demonstration which included turning a 2dimensional character into a 3 dimensional clay figure. We all collaborated in creating a pretty cool space alien figure and learning about anatomy, armatures and how to build something representational out of nothing. They spent the rest of the week making their own creations as many of you probably know by now ☺

The Long Island Children’s Museum Game On workshop was truly exciting! The campers used everyday materials like boxes, straws, paper, scissors, and tape to create their own pinball/marble mazes. I am sure you will be seeing them going home soon. 

Moving forward, I will be adding links to resources and materials that the campers have enjoyed so they can continue exploring at home.

Audacity Open Source recording software  – recording software

Crayola Model Magic – they love this material!

Nature Print Paper – making photo prints with the sun

Chrome Experiments – Art – this site is really interesting to see how computer programmers use different tools to create virtual art, math experiments etc.

See you next week!

Patty Eljaiek

Director| Westbury Summer Arts Camp


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