The Greater Westbury Council for the Arts is now officially known as Westbury Arts. The change comes after a year-long process in which the nonprofit’s Executive and Publicity & Marketing Committees worked with marketing experts to develop a revised brand identity for the organization. Westbury Arts also launched a new logo and brand guidelines to accompany the name change.

A significant amount of thought and preparation went into the design process, including workshops, interviews, and research on the history of Westbury. The new Westbury Arts logo mark takes its inspiration from the Quaker ‘Friendship Star’ quilt pattern and the four quadrants give a subtle nod to Westbury’s motto, “A Community For All Seasons.” It’s a modern spin on our community’s rich history.”

The new logo and brand identity were developed pro-bono by designer Branwyn Flinders.


Our Logo

The Westbury Arts logo mark takes its inspiration from the “Friendship Star” quilt pattern. Friendship quilts were a common craft made by Westbury’s first quaker settlers. The four quadrants that make up our logo give a subtle nod to Westbury’s motto “Community For All Seasons”. Resembling a compass, our logo also represents direction—marking Westbury as an arts destination of Long Island.


Our Logo


Our Voice

Our Voice


We treat everyone like friends and use words that feel personal and real while still being clear and reputable. We promote inclusive discussion where everyone feels welcome and all voices are heard.


We inspire innovative thinking to resolve real issues in smart and fun ways. We capture the vibrancy of our community through shared storytelling.


We embrace transparency through language that is simple and easy to understand. We never send people away for information when we can just give it to them. We don’t make information unnecessarily complicated.


We are outgoing and personable. Our messaging is always colorful, playful, interactive, and energetic.


Our voice is clear, confident, and passionate. We choose words with intention to inspire fresh ideas and fierce action.


We provide the creative tools, resources, and means for individuals to participate in community art and cultural events. We communicate the invaluable impact of arts and culture on the community.


Support Westbury Arts

Your donation enables us to continue to deliver arts and cultural programs that connect, educate, and inspire our community.
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