The Creative Teens Program is an opportunity for teenagers, ages 13 to 17, to express their creativity and develop their skills in the following areas:

Teens as Entrepreneurs:
Learn to use basic  jeweler’s tools, macramé techniques, and how to price and market your handmade jewelry pieces.

Creative Teens Mural Arts:
Create public art with a message as you learn about concept development, design enlargement, paint application and more.

Staged Reading Theater:
Rehearse and produce a staged reading of a play while learning self-awareness, confidence, public speaking and constructive feedback.

Each class in the program will meet for two hours on six Saturdays in July and August. There will be a culminating community  event at the end of the program on August 14th. 

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Creative Teens Summer Arts program

Application to participate in the program
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  • Current Federal, State and local COVID-19 protocols will be in place. Masks are required for individuals not fully vaccinated.