Associate Director

Ulises Cartagena

Ulises Cartagena is the new associate director of Westbury Arts. His responsibilities at the nonprofit are to assist the organizations’ directors, assist in strategic planning and working to maintain financial stability.

Cartagena, who lives in Huntington, is a first-generation Salvadoran. After serving in the U.S. Marines, he decided to devote his work to humanitarian and social causes.

He served as a community educator speaking against sexual violence and intimate partner abuse in high schools and college campuses in Suffolk County and has worked on multiple projects that include supporting fellow veterans who suffer with PTSD, people with intellectual disabilities and more.

In 2019 he co-founded Pazitos, a nonprofit organization that supports youth in El Salvador providing them with resources to develop soccer programs and further their education and development.

Working with youth is an important component of Cartagena’s outreach. He feels that providing access to a platform and space where young people can feel safe to express themselves is vital in a world that can be so constricting.