Myth vs. Fact – Art Edition

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“Anyone could make that.” Odds are, either while at a gallery or about something online, you’ve heard that said about a piece of artwork. Despite it’s sometimes effortless look, sometimes the most “simple” pieces are actually the most complex and difficult to create. The art world is overflowing with rumors and myths, so we took the time to break down a few of our favorite myths about the wonderful world of art!

Myth #1: High tech gadgets have pretty much replaced traditional art

Fact: Sure computers have made it possible to create animations, CGI, and countless other types of artwork, but the digital age hasn’t yet taken over completely. From families to art collectors, millions of dollars are spent every year on traditional paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Myth #2: The more expensive the art, the better it is

Fact: The best part about art is that it’s subjective. What is beautiful to one person may not be to another. Don’t convince yourself that inexpensive art means it’s no good or vice versa. If you like it, buy it!

Myth #3: Once artists get their work in a gallery, their job is done

Fact: Getting your artwork hung in a gallery is a great step towards a successful art career, but it’s not the final one. Artists still work hard to get feedback, create new pieces and promote themselves, their art and their brand both online and in person.

Myth #4: You have to go to art school if you want to be a successful artist

Fact: A formal education can better your technique and certainly doesn’t hurt, but there is no requirement that you have to go to a formal art school to make it in the business. Plenty of famous artists never attended art school, like Van Gogh and Basquiat.

Myth #5: If you publish your artwork online, there’s a good chance it will go viral

Fact: Years ago, an artist’s main goal was to steadily sell their work in a gallery, but thanks to the internet, artists have new goals. Every artist wants their creation to go viral online, but unfortunately – it rarely happens. With over a billion people on Facebook and millions of YouTube accounts, it’s pretty hard to break out of the noise and make viral video history (but we’re not saying that should keep you from trying!).

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