Westbury Arts Collaborates With Westbury Middle School To Host Student Art Contest and Field Trip

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Contest winners visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and attended a performance of STOMP In New York City

Westbury Arts collaborated with the Westbury Middle School to launch a student art contest in which the winners were given the opportunity to take a field trip to New York City to visit the Metropolitan Museum Of Art and see a live production of STOMP. Winning students also received a Westbury Arts hat. The purpose of the contest was to foster the appreciation of arts and culture among middle school students and provide access to young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience art in New York City.

In addition to sponsoring the cost of breakfast and lunch, Westbury Arts provided volunteers for the art contest and field trip. Board member Chris Hobbs sponsored the museum tour and purchased hats for the students. “The arts have the power to transform and enlighten young kids to look past local troubles and see what a larger world is like,” said Hobbs.

Westbury Arts volunteers convened a panel of judges in January to select 20 winners out of 40 finalists from the Westbury Middle School. Artwork was created in the style of artist Maurice Evans. The selected students participated in a field trip on Saturday February 10, 2018.

Student Art Contest Field Trip
Westbury Middle School Art Contest Winners