Westbury Arts Partners with Roosevelt Field Mall to Create a Mural

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Westbury Arts and Roosevelt Field have partnered to create a colorful mural to decorate the children’s play area at Roosevelt Field Mall. Artist and Westbury Arts board member Patty Eljaiek (Middle Village, NY) brings her considerable artistic to this endeavor and has created a colorful masterpiece that will capture the imaginations of the children visiting the play area. Ms. Eljaiek has assembled a team of volunteer artists and the work will be completed over two weekends beginning on Saturday, November 12.

“Westbury Arts is thrilled to be invited to create this work of art and welcome the opportunity to give back to the local community.”
– Julie Lyon, President

Artist Patty Eljaiek was born into a family of artists, musicians and poets in Barranquilla, Colombia. Ms. Eljaiek came to NY at the age of 3. At W. C. Bryant high school Patty was encouraged to stretch and put together her first portfolio. That was enough to get her into the school of visual arts, which changed her life. She had found her tribe and finally understood how lucky she was to be born into a family that passed along such an incredible gift. Patty has done her best not to waste it and to keep passing it on to her own children and enjoy watching it grow. She draws inspiration from everything, as a good artist should. “You can never tell what will create an image in your head that has to get out. For the past few years music has been a great source of inspiration. Lyrics are poetry set to music and have set off images in my mind that unfold like a film.” Patty’s art includes painting and jewelry making.

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