6 Tips For Making a Short Film

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From high school film festivals to Sundance, short films have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Thanks to movie making apps and less expensive video cameras, you no longer need a million dollar budget to make a film. If you want to become the next Spielberg, here are a few steps to set you in the right direction.

1. Pre-production

What happens before the camera starts rolling is just as important as the actual filming. Make sure you take time to create, edit and re write a script, and come up with a story board and concept for the entire film.

2. Think small

Great movies have been made without a major budget or explosions. Know what you’re working with and create a concept based around that. If you only have a few friends working with you, don’t go overboard planning elaborate scenes you might not be able to accomplish

3. Location, location, location

Plan ahead and know where you’re filming and plan your story around that. And remember to take into consideration noise from traffic or passerbys if you’re filming without high tech sound equipment.

4. Make a kit list

Make a list of everything you’ll need to create your film, like a video camera (or even just a smartphone), editing equipment, extra batteries, etc.

5. Break it down scene by scene

Don’t go through your film for the first time like an audience member. Try to think like a producer and go through it scene by scene, looking for any mistakes, sound glitches or mishaps.

6. Network

Talk to people online, join the AV club at school (if you have one) and go to film festivals near you. Get to know other people interested in film make like you and get advice for your next project, or see if they want to assist.
Now that your an expert, grab some friends and try your hand at creating your own short film!