Ideas Generated At Our July General Meeting Brainstorming Session

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At the July 16 Westbury Arts General Meeting, we gathered around tables in groups of five or six to have a collaborative brainstorming session. The idea behind this collaboration was to get a clear picture of what programming our membership and our community want.

Each person was given a paper and asked to list three ideas for programming. The paper was then passed to the right and the next person either added to the ideas or let them inspire an entirely new idea. The papers keep passing to the right until everyone had their own paper again. We shared some of the best ideas with the group and below is a recap of what we came up with. Thanks to all of our members who attended and shared their ideas.

Note: Even though the request was for programming ideas, a number of people included ideas for the physical space – I am not including those here. I have also grouped similar ideas together and edited where necessary for brevity and clarity

Programming Ideas

(in no particular order)

Theatrical Performance
  1. Original plays/musicals
  2. Staged Readings
  3. Bring speakers in for discussions (performers, directors)
  4. Start acting and movement classes that could develop into #5
  5. A resident Theater Company or Theater group
  6. Improv Theater Lab to teach the art of acting
  7. Visiting artists to teach different methods and approaches to acting
  8. Stand-up Comedy revue or open mic comedy club
  9. Magicians, Mimes, Dance
  10. Revive the Asbury Players
  11. Invite community theater groups to perform
  12. Children’s Theater
  13. Teach acting theory while producing a play
  14. Do an annual musical

Film and Film Related
  1. Long Island Filmmakers Showcase, Full length or short films
  2. Multi media art exhibits
  3. Films that feature social themes, justice
  4. Bring in speakers relevant to the subject of the film
  5. Show movies, short films, foreign films
  6. Host book and movie talks
  7. Film Festival in collaboration with The Space
  8. Partner with an existing film festival like the Hamptons to have a stop for their festival in Westbury
  9. Short film & discussion (with producers or others associated with the film)
  10. Trip to the North Shore Film Festival

Workshops and Teaching related
  1. Include instruction and education in the arts, all types; music, dance, art, cooking, language, with food, art, with cultural aspects interrelated
  2. Classes headed by noted artists
  3. Local Farmers Market with food, art and cooking workshops
  4. Art classes, cooking classes
  5. Vegetable garden, gardening classes
  6. Workshops for kids
  7. Arts Camp
  8. Flower Arrangement
  9. Make Arts fun for kids, low pressure
  10. Saturday Jewelry Making Classes for students
  11. Many different arts & crafts classes
  12. Classes in the evenings
  13. Forums and seminars on timely topics and provocative/controversial issues
  14. Script writing class
  15. Songwriting class
  16. Music classes/lessons
  17. Master classes
  18. Monthly demonstration by different LI artists
  19. Inviting artists to come and teach children
  20. Coding for adults
  21. Music production classes
  22. Video editing classes

Art Related
  1. Rotating gallery shows of local art/artists on a regular basis with an opening reception for each one
  2. Visiting artists to exhibit or lecture
  3. Exhibit of art featuring winners of a contest or open call for proposal
  4. Student art show
  5. Member art show
  6. Group painting events or parties for team building
  7. Themed nights
  8. Include fashion exhibits
  9. “Art of the Past” create a fun way to do a historical perspective
  10. Artists Convention
  11. Art in the Garden
  12. Art exhibit of electronic art or have a digital art show
  13. Art Library
  14. Free walking art tours of Westbury for out of towners
  15. Art & Craft exhibit with demos of the crafts
  16. Art lectures (art history, artists, etc) by local docents

Music Related
  1. Jazz club or intimate music performance
  2. Folk/Rock Night
  3. First Friday Folk Nights
  4. Anyone can sing, create an instant chorus
  5. Karaoke night
  6. Singing workshop
  7. Classical music session
  8. Creative open mic night
  9. Jam sessions
  10. Jazz session
  11. Improvisational workshops, vocal, instrumental, solo or group
  12. Student recitals; instrumental or vocal

Community Outreach
  1. Field trips and programs at local schools
  2. Adult and children’s programs, museums or theater
  3. Teach elementary school children about an artist and then do a project in the style of that artist.

  1. Poetry Slams
  2. Poets corner, dramatic poetry readings/discussion
  3. Teach elementary school children different styles of poetry
  4. Lecture or presentation by local artists in any genre about their creative endeavor and how they got started to encourage others to try
  5. Talent shows or competitions, “Westbury’s Got Talent”
  6. Culinary art “Art on the Plate” cooking, hands on
  7. Artists Brunch
  8. High end market featuring the work of artists, designers with a fashion show
  9. Cooking/Food Truck day
  10. Story telling
  11. Opportunities for seniors to engage with youth
  12. Facilitated conversation forum on pertinent topics
  13. Panels on new trends in music, art, dance etc.
  14. An annual arts affair bringing all arts councils together for an event with Westbury Arts as the lead
  15. Arts club/circle devoted to trees; saving, respecting, acknowledgement
  16. Town hall type meetings
  17. Meetings of local community organizations
  18. Wine and cheese artists’ and writers’ forum
  19. Book talks with a moderator
  20. Dance programs
  21. Environmental Education, wildlife rehab, mature tree conservation

  • Include programs for the differently abled.
  • Include programs focused on young adults and children
  • Make efforts to reach the entire community especially those just moving in.
  • Include classes in other languages – or in English but conducive to learning a new language.