Westbury Arts Welcomes Its First Intern: Meet Jazara Morales

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The team at Westbury Arts would like to give a warm welcome to our very first intern – Jazara Morales from Hofstra University! Jazara will be working with our Publicity & Marketing Committee on digital communications and media relations. We thought we’d kick things off with a short interview…

Where are you from and what brought you to Hofstra?

I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I heard from one of my peers in high school that they would be attending Hofstra which then made me want to do some research. I went to visit in August 2012 and absolutely loved thus I applied.

What are you currently studying and why is it relevant to the work you’ll be doing with Westbury Arts?

I am currently a Music Merchandising Major with a minor in a accounting. I believe that with my training, I am able to provide a musical perspective to the atmosphere at Westbury Arts. With my background I hope to reach a prospective new audience that will ultimately expand the impact of Westbury Arts within the community.

What role have the arts played in your life?

I have been singing since I was about 2 years old so for me, music is my life. Throughout my lifetime I have participated in an abundance of choirs, ensembles and even acapella groups yet my interests are not only on music. Over the years I have participated in liturgical dancing and other dance ensembles. Music is a large part of my family as well because my mother is a pianist and my brother plays the trumpet.

Who is currently your favorite artist and why?

I actually do not have a current artist right now, but I can list a few: India Arie is one of my favorite artists because she is so soulful and such an honest spirit. I identify with most of her songs and in my opinion my voice is pretty similar to hers. A visual artist I am extremely fond of is Spike Lee because no matter how famous he may be, he still finds a way to speak on current events and even portrays them in his films.

What are your professional goals?

Ultimately, I would like to open my own record label. In order to get the necessary knowledge to open a record label Ive gotta get my foot into the music industry business.


Welcome to the team, Jazara!