Westbury Summer Arts Camp: Week 2

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We have completed our second week of camp and it was full of new ideas and experiences.

There were quite a few completed projects that went home today including our own versions of Starry, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, prints made from re-purposed CD’s and foam stickers and painted rocks. Dots, dashes, and spirals were the design elements explored this week!

Ms. Erin and the photography class created sun prints with natural objects and were introduced to taking photographs with digital cameras. Along with the works mentioned above, we also created paper sculptures, which are hanging in Room 1 for everyone to enjoy and we also continued learning different ways to weave with yarn to begin making our tree sculptures..
In Drama with Ms, Geeta, our improvisational exercises included “The Machine” and Name Chant. The campers enjoyed communing outside with nature and exploring the theme of ” Everything Changes.”

Ms. Briana had them creating original songs in music class using 4 different types of voices and making music with everyday objects while exploring sonic potential and rhythm.

Next week we will continue learning and exploring different printing techniques with Ms. Marie and Ms. Patty. We will be using natural objects, re purposed materials and even making a one color, silk screened fabric piece!

Upcoming Workshops:
July 24th – a Jewelry Workshop with Maureen Baranov, who will teach us how to work with wire and complete a hand wired necklace.
July 30th – Ms. Valerie, from 3R Sewing, will return to help us make a finished piece using our silk screened fabric.
July 31 – Casey Bond, a professional percussionist will present an interactive drumming workshop for all campers.

This week I would like to introduce you to some of our amazing teaching artists, we are so lucky to have them joining us this summer.

Marie E. Saint-CyrMs. Marie – Visual Arts

Marie E. Saint-Cyr is an abstract painter whose area of budding expertise is experimenting with colors and focusing on how using automatism in her process of creating art the subconscious impacts the process of creating art. Marie is keen on color relationships in her artwork and on various mark making in her work. The colors she uses are often vibrant and highly saturated. Experimentation in art and the process of creating her artwork pieces are two important aspects for Marie when it comes to producing art.

Marie migrated to the United States from Haiti at the age of eight years old. She is in the last semester of her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has had the opportunity to study at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy. She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe studying and observing art internationally.

Erin TornatoreMs. Erin – Photography and Sculpture

Erin Tornatore is a Visual Artist and an Art Educator from Long Island, NY, She holds an M.S. in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute and a B.F.A in Photography from SUNY New Paltz. Channeling her passion for the arts, she seeks to share meaningful hands-on art making experiences with her pupils. Her experiences living and traveling to foreign countries guide her art making practices. Her favorite mediums are photography and sculpture.


Geeta Citygirl ChopraMs. Geeta – Drama

Geeta Citygirl Chopra is first and foremost grateful.

This native New Yorker is a professional actor, director, producer and her greatest role is Mother. Her professional acting credits span a glitteringly dissimilar array of thematic elements and inspired energies. Co-founder & Artistic Director of SALAAM Theatre (first South Asian American theatre company). She is devoted to her students as an acclaimed acting coach.

Geeta’s mission as a creative spirit (and parent) is to celebrate art as a catalyst for change in every arena, from the political to the spiritual. Mindfulness is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves, as artists and as living beings.

Geeta’s devotion to the arts and passion for life inspires her students to become professional actors that live their lives as compassionate members of society.

Member SAG-AFTRA, AEA. Graduate of the AADA-NY, The City College of NY (CCNY Theater), and first graduating class of the full-day program at the Long Island High School for the Arts (Dance Dept).

Enjoy the photos of your artist campers from this past week. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me.