Meet Your Art Instructor: Patty Eljaiek

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Work With What You Have – Resist Process Fabric Design

Patty Eljaiek
Patty Eljaiek

Sometimes it takes the right teacher to awaken an interest in a subject that will become a lifelong passion and career. Such is the case for art teacher Patty Eljaiek. Although she comes from a family of accomplished women—musicians, artists, writers, social workers and even a banker, she thought all that talent in her family had nothing to do with her. But quietly the family was influencing her—taking her to ballets and museums and art exhibits. “I thought that was normal,” she says.

It wasn’t until high school that a teacher recognized her talent and encouraged her to take classes. After high school Patty went on to receive a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Today she teaches art to children from three years old through the eighth grade at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary School in Hell’s Kitchen.

Patty will teach two different classes: “Work With What You Have: Faux Wood Block Printing” and “Batik: Resist Process Design.” In Faux Wood Block Printing students will use non-traditional materials with traditional techniques, creating a printing block from a VS tape and cut-out foam shapes. In the Batik class students will use hot glue instead of hot wax—wherever there is glue, the acrylic paint will not adhere. The design can be as complicated or simple as you want.

“Art should not be a luxury,” says Patty. “It should be something you appreciate and make.”

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Work With What You Have – Resist Process Fabric Design: Class takes place on March 24. Enrollment is $30.