Westbury Arts Board Member Receives Prestigious Media Award

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A big congratulations to one of our Board Members, Alex Nuñez. Nuñez is the Art Director at Anton Media Group, which earned 12 awards for editorial, design and advertising excellence, from the New York Press Association.

One of the awards was for an article which Nuñez had contributed to and also included one of his original works of art, which was featured on Bay Walk Park. The watercolor painting earned first place for Best Graphic Illustration, Division 1.

“I like the original art rendering of the venue used in this capacity because it gives a real life representation of the location, so you get an overview of where you are and what the area has to offer,” remarked one of the judges, “Plus it’s great artwork.”

Nuñez also created a house ad for Massapequa Observer that won third place in Division 1 for Best House Ad.